In Greater Rochester, New York, we are bold creators. Rule breakers. Change makers.



Greater is a 9-county network of abundance. For culture and commerce. Tradition and innovation. Grit and grace. Greater is building on history and driving real progress. We are Greater Rochester. And greater is what we’re made of.

Source: US News & World Report

Source: Jump Starting America

Source: Bloomberg/Lending Tree


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#GreaterROC is home to @letchworthstatepark, the “Grand Canyon of the East” that spans more than 14,000 acres in #LivingstonCountyNY and #WyomingCountyNY and has more than 30 waterfalls!

Needless to say, there’s no shortage of waterfalls to chase and @john_schrenker_photography caught this beautiful shot of the middle falls 📸

#ROC #RochesterNY #FLX #FingerLakes

A beautiful day to stop by and smell the roses!

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