In Greater Rochester, New York, we are bold creators. Rule breakers. Change makers.



Greater is a 9-county network of abundance. For culture and commerce. Tradition and innovation. Grit and grace. Greater is building on history and driving real progress. We are Greater Rochester. And greater is what we’re made of.

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We are explorers. Experimenters. Collaborators. Greater ROC. Where inspiration ignites imagination across our 9-county region.

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Get to know #GreaterROC by getting to know Ashley Fico!


Hi Rochester! I’m Ashley Fico—co-founder of @InnoQuests. Our mobile app provides amplified scavenger hunts that encourage people to solve puzzles by exploring their real-world surroundings. I live in Greece with my husband and two adorable pups, Juniper Rose and Magnolia.

I’d probably be described as energetic, adventurous and curious. Perhaps “over-caffeinated” (thanks, @neutralgroundcoffee!). I love putting my energy into learning something new. Whether it’s stand-up comedy and screenplay writing at @writersandbooks, sushi rolling at @_nykitchen or working on my climbing skills (or lack thereof!) at @bristolmtnadventures, there’s always more to learn. Next on my list is flying trapeze at @roccitycircus!

For me, Rochester is the Goldilocks of cities: just the right size. It’s big enough to find amazing artists at @rbtlaud (Mean Girls!) or @ofccreations, or spend an afternoon seeing something unique at @artisanworksny or taking visitors to @museumofplayroc. But it’s also small enough that a relaxing day of boating with family on Lake Ontario or exploring a winery is nearby!

On a typical weekend, I love a good brunch at @mullersciderhouse (keep it a secret! 😉) or a lunch at @chortkegrill. If I want something sweet, it’s @laughinggullchocolates for me, and the puppies love a special treat from @bonesdogbakery.

We knew that launching InnoQuests in Rochester would be perfect for the many amazing sights in this region, but it’s also given me even more appreciation for the people. We’re a giving and generous place where people quickly move from being strangers to supporters and friends. 

Do you know someone we should highlight? Send us a message or tell us in the comments! 

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