With a talented workforce, exceptional quality of life, and proximity to major markets, the Greater Rochester, New York region offers fertile ground for any business looking to grow. 


The Greater Rochester Enterprise team of trusted economic development advisors will connect you to real estate, local suppliers and business partners, economic incentives, world-class R&D assets, and workforce resources to support your company’s expansion in the Greater Rochester, NY region.


Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce provides businesses with resources, connections, information, and advocacy they need to grow and thrive in #GreaterROC.

Source: IPEDS

Source: USPTO

Source: CBRE

19 colleges & universities enrolling 80,000 students

Source: Rochester Area Colleges Network

High-tech worker concentration 20% above U.S. average

Source: ERI

100 million consumers within 500 miles

Source: US Census Bureau

Real estate priced 49% below major metros

Source: CBRE

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